You can use free Wi-Fi in Kisarazu City!

You can connect 4 times per day (60 mins each time) for up to 240 mins daily.



Examples of covered areas

  • Kisarazu Kaneda Bus Terminal
  • Kisarazu Tourist Information Center
  • All 16 public halls etc.


For instructions on how to connect and service providers, please visit the city homepage.

  • Local Information from ‘Kisacon’!
  • In the event of disaster, reports from the Kisarazu City public homepage!


Contact: 292-8501 Chiba-Ken, Kisarazu-Shi, Fujimi 1-2-1

                  Kisarazu City Hall      Department of Planning and Information Policy.

TEL: 0438-23-8074 FAX: 0438-23-7460